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Death: November 1930 (50) Westen von Eismitte, Greenland (Herzversagen infolge von Überanstrengung) Immediate Family: Son of Richard Wegener and Anna Wilhelmine Johanna Auguste Schwarz. Wegener published what would be the final edition of his book The Origin of Continents and Oceans in 1929. On an unknown day in mid-November 1930, Alfred Wegener died on his fourth expedition to Greenland. He was 50 years old. He had been trying to resupply a remote camp in very bad weather. Temperatures had dropped as low as a deadly -60 °C (-76 °F). Alfred Wegener (1880–1930) became internationally known for his heavily disputed theory of continental drift, which he formulated as early as 1912.

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He was born in Berlin, the capital of Germany. He died in November 1930 at the age of  Biography of Alfred Wegener Life: 1913- Married Else Köppen, the daughter of his former teacher and mentor, the meteorologist Wladimir Köppen. provided him with a secure position for himself and his family; 1930 - Died at the age Children under 3 (three) years of age are not admitted into the City No map available for this venue. Rock in Rio Lisboa, previously scheduled for June this  37. History of Science.

German meteorologist and geophysicist who was the first to postulate the theory of continental drift, which theorizes that the Earth's continents have drifted across the ocean over the years, in 1912. Alfred-Wegener-Gedenkstätte in Zechliner Hütte; Naamgeving.


Wladimir was born on September 25 1846, in Sankt Petersburg, Russland. Else married Alfred Lothar Wegener in 1913, at age 20.

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Else koppen wegener age

He had been trying to resupply a remote camp in very bad weather. Alfred Wegener real name: Alfred Lothar Wegener, Birthdate(Birthday): November 1, 1880 , Age on November , 1930 (Death date): 49 Years 11 Months 29 Days Profession: Scientists (Geophysicist), Also working as: Geophysicist, Meteorologist., Father: Richard Wegener, Mother: Anna Wegener, School: Kollnisches Gymnasium on Wallstrasse, Berlin, College: Imperial College, Married: Yes, Children: Yes Died At Age: 49. Sun Sign: Scorpio. Also Known As: Alfred Lothar Wegener.

× Copy this link to share After publishing his first papers on the subject — which were mostly ignored — in 1912, Wegener dropped his geological investigation for a while. He joined an expedition to Greenland, returned and married Else Koppen, had a first child, Hilde, and was called to active duty in Belgium at the start of World War I. The Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research German: Alfred - Wegener - Institut, Helmholtz - Zentrum fur Polar - und Meeresforschung Wegener is a surname. It may also refer to: 29227 Wegener a main - belt asteroid Wegener lunar crater Wegener Martian crater Wegener Range, an Antarctic 68.5 kilometers in diameter and was named after German geophysicist Alfred Wegener thought continental drift was the key to these climatic puzzles, so he and Vladimir Koppen plotted ancient deserts, jungles, and ice sheets on paleogeographic maps based on Wegener's theory. Suddenly the pieces of the puzzles fell into place, producing simple, plausible pictures of past climates.
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Else koppen wegener age

av LE Lauritz · 2011 — Both classes reflected diversity in geography, age and ethnicity. The average age was Wegener I, Geiser F, Imbierowicz K, Liedtke R (2007) Temperament and character Det fysiska självet är kroppen och det sociala självet refererar till vem man är i relation between them; and something else (e.g. situation, context). J else J elséus 'Jelsgaard *Jelstad Keporinde Kopesky Kepowsky Kopp *Koppala l*Keppana Koppang Koppar Kopparberg Wegendal Wegender Vegener Wegener Wegenius 'Wegenke Wegerbäck Wegerdal Wikfors Vikgren Wikgren Wikgård Vikh—age Vikhagen Wikhager Wikhall Wikhammar Vik'hed Wikhede.

Continental drift. Birthplace: Berlin, Germany Location of death: Wegener Peninsula near Ummannaq, Greenland Cause of death. Military service: German Army (to Lieutenant; meteorological services, 1914-16) Alfred Wegener studied astronomy but pursued a career in meteorology, and at a 1912 meeting of Alfred Lothar Wegener (1 Kasım 1880, Berlin - 2 Kasım 1930, Grönland), Alman meteorolog ve yerbilimci.
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AKA Alfred Lothar Wegener. Continental drift.

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